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Islington Courtyard Garden, London N1

The Brief: These clients were downsizing from their three-storey house and extending their ground floor flat to accommodate their changing needs. The outdoor space was a really important part of the equation and they wanted to change the mature lawned garden into a courtyard to extend their living space outdoors.

The Solution: A sandstone patio by the house provides the outdoor eating area and is partially enclosed by raised beds built from reclaimed bricks. The wide gateway between the raised beds frames the view to the rest of the garden beyond. The geometry of the design leads the eye around the garden with generous paths and a central stone water feature. Many of the mature plants were retained, and the new planting scheme was designed to provide colour and fragrance throughout the year. The existing raised area at the back of the garden was planted to create a woodland feel under the canopy of the mature trees. The result is a very tranquil and practical garden that extends the clients’ living space.