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Elegance Restored, Barnsbury N1

The Brief: Along with an ambitious renovation project to restore this early Victorian town house to its former glory, the clients wanted to create a garden to complement the architecture. Dominated by a massive neighbouring conifer and overgrown ivy, the existing north facing garden was dark and gloomy.

The Solution: From the outset, we worked closely with Roger Mears Architects to ensure that house and garden worked in harmony. The garden design aimed to make the most of the space and bring in more light. Portland stone was used for the steps and terraces and a small reflective pool with stepping stone was sunk into the terrace at the sunnier end of the garden. We successfully sought permission to remove the neighbouring conifer and this also made a huge difference to the light and the feel of the space. The garden is now a restful place to sit and look back at the beautifully restored house.