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Contemporary Family Garden, London N1

The Brief: This family with two young children in De Beauvoir wanted a simple garden design that made their existing garden more practical and to improve the view from the house. With a recent full-width contemporary extension, the existing patio was not large enough to eat out and move around comfortably.

The Solution: The low wall was removed and the patio area extended with a full width step up to the garden. The single size sandstone slabs used in the patio were also used to create a stepping stone path to the back of the garden - running through pebbles and the lawn. The screening in front of the attractive cedar garden office is replaced by planting to help integrate the building into the garden (rather than trying to hide it). The new planting scheme is more in proportion to the space with an attractive mix of plants to give interest throughout the year. The geometry of the garden design links it with the extension and provides a more harmonious, balanced garden.